About us

Who we are?

Established in 2021, Urbans Zone has been growing ever since. We strive to satisfy the design/product desires of a new generation of consumers. We believe in creating a strong sense of emotions and communicating stories through URBANSZONE through its products and designs.

Across all our product lines, we aim to create a design that reflects our customers’ personalities.


Why us?

Our belief lies in a connected world, where:
  • Consumers have the power of creators.
  • Consumers can create/enhance relations through gifting personalized designs.
  • Creators try to imbue real-life stories through their designs.
  • Creators connect with customers through tangible design references.


What we aspire?

We believe in attaining 100% sustainability by introducing bio-degradable materials for our product manufacturing. Through this initiative, we also intend to provide employment to more than 1000 people while promoting local craftsmanship.

Mobile cases:

We offer high-quality polycarbonate mobile case designs that offer realistic print quality, sleek and lightweight frames, protective rims for the camera and screen, protect from scratches, and we deliver within 6-7 days. We have 400+ models of mobile cases available with more than 20 brands.